Bespoke Commissions

From individual collectors to corporate gifts. A bespoke watch celebrating a memory or a company logo. Bespoke means Bespoke!

You may have seen some of my previous commissions online or on my Instagram feed and wanted something similar. Or you have a concept you would like to discuss for a unique bespoke watch, luxury leather good or even artwork complete the form below.

  • Watch Dials

    Immerse yourself in the world of the arts with my bespoke hand-painted watch dial service. Each piece is a unique expression of individuality.

  • Luxury Leather Goods

    Indulge in the exquisite artistry of my hand-painted luxury leather goods. Each piece is an existential representation of your unique individuality.

  • Art Work

    Elevate your environment with my collection of bespoke and unique artwork. From stunning canvases to intricate sculptures, each piece is a work of art.

Commission Form

Your Questions - Answered!

What is a customised watch?

A customised/bespoke watch is a timepiece that has been altered and changed according to your specific requirements.

What is the commission process?

Each commission is unique and requirements/needs are tailored to each client.

A typical commission process starts with establishing your needs. Below are a few questions to consider, providing as much detail in your request will allow me to provide you with specific details that match your needs.

  • Do you have a watch that you would like to customise?
  • Do you require me to provide a watch as part of the commission?
  • Do you have a design or concept?
  • Would you like something made for you that you have seen before?

What type of customisations do you offer?

I offered a wide range of customisation services. Mostly, I hand-paint artwork onto dials but I also offer further options including customised straps, bezels, hands and luxury leather goods

How much do you charge?

Commission prices completely depend on what you require.

As a guide the watch dial commissions vary from £450gbp for abstract artwork to over £1000gbp for fine art dial paintings.

To get a specific price for your commission please get in touch.

How do I commission a bespoke watch or leather good?

Please fill out the form on the Commission page and provide me with as much detail/requirements as possible. This will allow me to respond to you with all the information you require.

How long does a commission take?

Each commission is unique and timelines fully depend on your requirements e.g. if you need me to source a watch/dial, if you require a new design concept etc.

However, a typical commission is usually between 2-4weeks from initiation to completion.

Can you customise a watch or leather good that I already own?

Absolutely! Most clients already own a timepiece or leather item that they wish to personalise. From vintage to new I work around your specific requirements.

What if I need something new, can you source it for me?

Yes no problem at all. You might not know what timepiece is best for the artwork you have in mind or you might need me to supply the timepiece or leather good as part of the customisation. Whatever your requirements are I will work with you to ensure all needs are met.

Can I send you just the dial?

Yes, if you have a dial. In some cases I can source and supply a genuine dial as part of the customisation.

Can you customise a series of bespoke watches for my company?

Absolutely, I offer the most professional bespoke service for your company. From logos to anniversaries anything is possible. There is NO minimum quantity.

Do you have a minimum order requirements?

No, I work to your requirements this could be a-piece-unique to an order of 500pcs or more.

Do you do collaborations with companies?

Yes, I am trusted and have done many collaborations with watch companies around the world as they value my unique art and professional services.

If you are interested in a collaboration please drop me an email.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, most of my clients are international. During the consultation phases of the commission, information is provided on these matters to provide the most relevant information for each client.