Chris Alexander

With a Master’s Degree in Design, 15 years as a Lecturer in Art and Design, and constantly dipping his arms up to his elbows in any creative project, Chris has always had a passion for creativity. Through 'The Dial Artist' Chris is seamlessly merging his experience and talent in art and design with his passion for horology.


Chris executes meticulously detailed hand painted works of art onto tiny watch dial canvases. Developing his craft over the last 5 years, his work goes from strength to strength, with each and every newly painted dial pushing the boundaries of possibilities few can ever achieve. 


The Dial Artist

With a passion for Abstract and Graffiti Art, Chris has become synonymous for his Abstract dial effects, whilst also being able to adapt his style to create fine art dials.


Chris always has something lined up to paint or design. You will find Chris painting in his home studio until to 2-3am almost every week night. When he is not painting he is posting and responding to Instagram messages and emails, much to his wife's annoyance.


Go hard or go home....but shove the kettle on for him before you leave!





Abstract Artwork

Eclectic in so many ways and they all just work. From micro dots that look like distant galaxies to splatter and slashes reminiscent of a past greats. Abstract effects are bold, popular and transformative

Fine Artwork

Meticulously hand painted, fine art dials really are the a cut above the rest. With incredible attention to detail you will easily forget to read the time when you go to do a wrist check.


Whether you currently have a watch or dial, or require something new, I work around what suits your needs to ensure each order is bespoke to match your specific requirements.

  • ​​​​The Dial Artist is Chris Alexander, and only Chris Alexander

  • Chris thinks he is cool

  • Chris is not cool

  • Chris has a beautiful wife and 2 beautiful girls

  • They all agree, Chris is not cool

  • Chris is not actually an artist, he is more 'lucky' than 'artistic'

  • Chris is internationally known as 'The Dial Artist'

  • Chris likes to think he is internationally known as 'The Dial Artist' 

  • Chris has a dog

  • Chris has a Gluten intolerance...

  • ...and potentially a Diary intolerance.

  • Chris loves talking art to artists who know what they are talking about whilst all along Chris is winging-it and hasn't got a clue what a hue or tonal value is.

  • Chris loves watches

  • Chris loves watches

  • Chris loves watches

  • Chris has a habit of repeating himself

  • Chris loves watches

  • A Munro is any mountain in Scotland with a height over 3,000 feet (914.4m) 

  • Chris loves to make purists cry

  • Chris collects purists tears to sell on the dark web and black market for gummy-bears

  • The gummy-bears contain gluten

  • Chris knows people - like actually knows them

  • However, none of them are important unless you want a good deal on your energy supply

  • Chris will make you a cool watch dial = you become cool

  • Trust me, the watch dials are actually really cool

  • Chris is still not cool

  • Each watch dial is 100% hand painted - by Chris and he uses is actual hands...and some very small brushes

  • Chris is 99% powered by coffee and 1% by natural gas

  • Chris will not tell you what paint he uses, not matter how famous your momma is

  • Don't be a sad-act and copy Chris - do something original and unique you loser

  • Chris is based in Scotland.

  • Scotland is based in the UK

  • The UK isn't sure where it wants to be based

  • Chris wrote this in the third-person

  • The third-person thinks Chris is cool

  • Chris is the third-person

  • Chris loves sarcasm...he thinks!?

  • Yes, Chris can think...

  • ...he thinks!?


Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries, collaborations or commission requests, please contact Chris today.

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